Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The negative side of living away from family....

Although we love living in Texas and do not plan to change that anytime soon, there is one downer about living several hours away from family. When something happens, it is more difficult to be a part of things there. I have a great aunt named Veda, who is my grandmother's baby sister. 20 years younger than she was, same age as my parents. She has always been more like an "aunt" than great-aunt. Her daughter is around our age as well. She has been battling inoperable stomach cancer for the last year, unfortunately most of the time this is a losing battle. In her case, she lost her battle on Monday night. She was a very sweet, funny and kind woman who laughed almost as loud as I do. For those who know me well, that is pretty darn loud...She was tough until the end.

She lost her husband younger than you are supposed to, age 47, from a sudden heart attack. She has been raising a daughter alone for the last 18 years. Her daughter is an incredibly smart, successful young woman who gave her one grandchild, Jimmy Gage, name after his grandfather, before she passed away. What a blessing he was to her!

God Bless Aunt Veda's family, her daughter is now without both parents and no siblings. This is probably the hardest on her, so many decisions to make. I hate that we won't be there so sad goodbye, but we love you Aunt Veda, you will be missed by many....

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  1. Sorry for your loss. Her daughter is in my prayers.