Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring is here

Spring is finally here! We survived the yucky winter, but we had a really awesome snow for the first time since moving to Texas in 2004. Avery loved the snow and making a snowman. We have so much to do in our yard. We have big plans for the flowerbeds and backyard, it needs some serious TLC.

Avery continues to change into a very sassy little girl, which can make her mommy very stressed and exhausted. She will be 4 years old this summer, which means we start preK this fall. This fall, she will wear uniforms, which is awesome for getting dressed in the mornings. I also have thought lately, "my gosh, she will be in kindergarten in 17 months"! I cannot believe it, her baby years are ending. She has had a little problem this year with urinary tract infections, for which we are seeing a specialist at Children's Hospital in Dallas. She has had a couple of procedures to determine the seriousness, so far not too bad. We see a surgeon on Thursday to determine if she needs a little minor surgery to permanently correct her problem. Not sure what to pray for, on one hand, surgery would fix the problem now. However, the problem is not that bad, so is surgery may be a little bit aggressive and unnecessary. We will see...

Work is going well for both of us, very busy at both of our jobs, which is a blessing!

We are also planning not 1, but 2 vacations this year! First is our summer vacation at Gulf Shores, AL. Very beautiful beach. We had so much fun last year, cannot wait until mid-August! Our second trip in the works is Disney World! Avery and I have never been, Ed has been several times. I have read and researched a lot of sources, from what I have read, it is beyond imagination! The plans at this moment are for early December for 1 week. I haven't made reservations yet, still contemplating what to do.

Praise the Lord for our blessings in our lives, He is so good to us!

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